I have lost many loved ones…

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I have lost many loved ones on this stretch of highway. The combination of lack of shoulders, unprepared/ untrained transport drivers, weather conditions, wildlife…but you know what? it’s always about the amount of transports on this section of highway between north bay and temiskaming shores…. I stood one night 4 years ago….on the side of the highway after a fatality it was -35 …. I stood watching 2 people who had been in a transport that was involved in the accident. They were wearing sandals… no socks… t- shirts no coats…. And they were arguing about who was driving….. they had just ran their transport into a car….. and the driver was dead.
I am a northerner…. I don’t drive at night anymore… I don’t drive in the winter…. And when I drive from Temiskaming shores to north bay …. I pray all the way……
Lois Perry