What's on the Technical Consultation Portal


Learn what the Ministry of Transportation’s Technical Consultation Portal (MTO TCP) is and what’s on it.

On the TCP

This is the place where you can provide input and take part in the development of MTO technical documentation. The Ministry uses the portal to publicly show technical documents currently under development or undergoing revision and provide an opportunity for comments and suggestions.

We consult with you on the portal by:

  • posting new or revised technical documents that may be of interest to your business, your trade or you personally
  • letting you comment on the documents
  • informing you about where to find the final documents

This includes changes to existing or proposed transportation:

  • specifications
  • non-standard special provisions
  • Ontario Provincial Standards and drawings
  • Technical policies and design guidance

Learn more about the consultation process.

What’s not on the portal?

This site does not include:

Finished and completed standards, specifications and policies.  These may be found at:

Ministry of Transportation Technical Publications

Glossary of Terms

There are a few terms we use in the registry that might not be familiar to you.

Learn about the terms we use in the portal.

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