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If you're only picking one section for the pilot project, as someone who lives on and travels these stretches of road, I would suggest the Hwy 64 to Jumping Caribou section be the priority.

This section of hwy is more treacherous and isolated from emergency/medical assistance during winter storm weather and . . .

1) If there is an accident/highway closure between Sand Dam and Ellsemere, although a long detour, traffic can be diverted around to hwy 64,

2) If there is an accident/highway closure north of hwy 64 there is NO reroute for traffic except to go all the way over to Quebec or Sudbury.

Better yet, the MTO should look at widening and paving Tonomo Lake / Wilson Lake Road as a detour route option. That would alleviate a huge issue with hwy closures making the north & south inaccessible at times. (keeping in mind the need for sharing or rerouting the essential OFSC main A snowmobile trail currently running along Tonomo/Wilson Lake roads if such a traffic detour route were to be made)