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Anything to increase safety on our northern highways must be made a priority!

For anyone from southern Ontario who had not travelled the north, there is no way to truly understand how challenging and difficult driving on small single lane highways for hours on end with transport trucks everywhere means.

Imagine driving on a single lane highway with upwards of 10 trucks in a row, with maybe a meter between each, coming toward you. Now add wildlife like moose, deer or bears running onto the road or snow where one wrong move may mean instant death.

It is extremely unsafe and I agree with any method put in place that will make us safer on the roads. Where I travel around the Thunder Bay region, we have all the traffic heading east and west in the country. And all the commercial deliveries on top of that. The highways are very busy.

For people who don’t live in our regions to decide we need to live with single lane highways is outrageous. What we would actually need from the Manitoba border to north bay are twin highways.